The photogrammetry solution that revolutionizes subsea inspection and metrology


World leader in subsea photogrammetry, Comex Innovation designs and manufactures innovative vision and robotics systems operated by subsea vehicles (ROV, AUV, etc.) to carry out all types of subsea inspection and metrology.

ORUS3D® is recognized as the most advanced underwater photogrammetry solution on the market.

COMEX ORUS 3D® first subsea photogrammetric system certified by BUREAU VERITAS Marine & Offshore Division

bureau veritas marine certification
certification bureau veritas marine
Subsea photogrammetry ORUS 3D system

COMEX confirms their world leadership in contactless subsea inspections with the certification of ORUS 3D® by BUREAU VERITAS Marine & Offshore division for mooring chain inspections and long range subsea metrologies.
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Give a third dimension to your visual inspections

ORUS 3D® System

The ORUS3D® no-contact underwater photogrammetry system allows three-dimensional, high-precision modelling of all subsea structures and seascapes.

Each ORUS 3D® system consists of two subsea parts : a neutral buoyancy tiltable support carrying a trifocal optical sensor whose shots are synchronized with 4 high power built-in LED lights, coupled with an acquisition unit, featuring quality control and real-time data processing.

The system acquires multiple images of very high resolutions which are then processed automatically in order to deliver the most accurate possible 3D reconstruction of the visually inspected object.

The unmatched to date and certified precision of the measurements, allow to realize underwater metrology in all fields of activity, meeting the requirements of the Industry, of Defense and of marine sciences.

One of the main features of this standalone system is that it does not require any external underwater navigation sensors (namely USBL, LBL, inertial navigation + DVL, positioning systems) nor specific markers as no scale reference with the objects is necessary.

As a result, this system is completely contactless and non-intrusive. Mounted onto any type of ROV, it can be operated regardless of any constraints on the methodology of acquisition. The system only requires a power, video and data link to the surface from the ROV.

The real-time processing of the data carried out by the embedded acquisition unit enables efficient quality control as well as thorough coverage monitoring of the inspected area.

This process provides all the information needed to validate the data before further post-processing, thus resulting in a 3D model with submillimetric precision.

These results are usually presented in the form of scattered then dense clouds of dots, which can then be meshed and textured in order to obtain a visual rendering at the closest to reality.

They are then accessible to as many people as possible via dedicated tools, web platforms or virtual reality systems.

ORUS 3D® Service

  • Full offshore service
    (system + operators)
  • Data Processing and Reporting
  • Training of ROV and Survey teams
  • On-Demand ROV Integration

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36, bd de l’Océan – CS 80143
13275 Marseille – Cedex 9 –

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36, bd de l’Océan – CS 80143
13275 Marseille – Cedex 9 –

+33 4 91 29 75 11

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The alliance with COMEX gives rise to a new structure immediately operational : “SAAS OFFSHORE”

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