World pioneer in the development of technologies for manned intervention and robotics in extreme environments.


(Compagnie Maritime d’Expertises) was founded in 1961 by Henri Germain Delauze


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CX3D – On orbit 3D modeling of satellites

Figure 1: 3D model of the mockup satellite generated by CX3D / Figure 2: Red arrow points CX3D system ability to detect and measure the damage areas in the satellite (in this case small impact holes) Space debris is of growing concern to the global space community....

COMEX ORUS3D photogrammetry to survey polymetallic nodules on the seabed

The Marseille-based company COMEX performed last week pool trials with their 3D photogrammetry system “ORUS3D” to survey and cartography polymetallic nodules in the deep sea. Such metallic concretions, mainly composed of manganese, copper, nickel and cobalt, could be...

Hypoxia risk awareness

On Friday, November 16 2018, Comex Hyperbaric and Hypobaric Test Center hosted a delegation of students and instructors of EPNER (School of flight test and reception staff) for an hypoxia risk awareness session.

ORUS 3D expands its range with the MOD300

COMEX strikes again with a miniature ORUS 3D. After the 1000, 3000 and 6000m models, here comes the MOD300 !With the 3000m ORUS 3D subsea photogrammetry system operating around the world since 2017, COMEX managed to touch a large part of the subsea world. Involved in...

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Ocean’s 19 is one of the most influential international conference in this field, where you can discover all the new technologies and dedicated research linked to the comprehension of oceans.

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Oceanology International 2020

Is the world’s leading forum for marine science and ocean technology.

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Design of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Facilities and Special Machine

Test center and maintenance equipment hyperbaric and hypobaric

Human spaceflight and stratospheric platforms

Fleet of research vessels and underwater robots for interventions up to 2500m

Robotic and vision system for underwater application


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