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COMEX was born from a passion: the sea and its riches, and an ambitious project: pushing the boundaries of underwater work to extreme depths under perfect safety conditions, while empowering humans to ensure the perfection of their work.

Today, and after over 60 years of existence, it is still the same passion that drives everyone in this remarkable industrial and technological story. COMEX remains more than ever focused on the design, development, and operation of innovative and high-performance systems, whether they are intended for use on land, at sea, or in space. Since the company’s inception, the same values have always inspired the COMEX teams and formed the corporate culture. These values guide us in our missions:

PASSION that unites us and makes the complex possible,
EXCELLENCE that commits us to completing our missions,
INNOVATION which is our DNA, driving development,
INTEGRITY as our compass and foundation of our relationships,
SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY that guides our involvement in the community and places humans at the center of our interactions and projects,
AGILITY for constant adaptation to the expectations of stakeholders.

They trust us


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Comex News

COMEX securing its future with a fund

Our President, Alexandra Oppenheim Delauze, is transferring all of her assets to the COMEX Fund. This transfer helps to protect the Company as it will never again be subject to inheritance, buyouts, or coveting.

Containerized Hyperbaric Chamber Rental Service

Comex offers a containerized hyperbaric chamber rental service among its range of products and services. These equipments offer great versatility

Enduruns project

The ENDURUNS project aims to develop a long-endurance autonomous underwater vehicle powered by hydrogen fuel cells

Hydrogen: Mastering pressures. Creating the future

Hydrogen: Mastering pressures. Creating the futureLooking towards the future for over sixty years Over the decades, Comex has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation to provide advanced technological solutions. Whether it's on the technical side, creating...

Robotic testing in a pool

Robotic testing in a poolCOMEX offers a specialized service in robotic testing in a pool. This type of testing is essential for the development and advancement of underwater technologies. One of our clients, IVM Technologies, shares their experience in this interview...

Simulate extreme depressurization conditions with our depressurized chambers

In the aviation industry, the safety of passengers and crew is of utmost importance. In-flight depressurization scenarios can be particularly critical, requiring rigorous testing and validation to ensure the reliability of systems and equipment on board aircraft....


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