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World pioneer in the development of technologies for manned intervention and robotics in extreme environments

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Created by Henri Germain DELAUZE (1929-2012), Comex was born from a passion: the sea and its riches, and from a vast project: pushing the limits of underwater work at extreme depths in safe conditions. perfect and by giving man the means to ensure the perfection of his work. Today, and after more than 60 years of existence, it is still the same passion that drives everyone in this formidable industrial and technological history. More than ever, Comex remains focused on the design, development and operation of innovative and high-performance systems, whether they are intended to be operated on land, at sea or in space.


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Comex News

Decennial Maintenance of Hyperbaric Facilities (R120)

COMEX specializes in the design and implementation of maintenance plans for hyperbaric facilities in compliance with the European Pressure Equipment Directive (DESP). Customized based on the specific needs and conditions of each client, our goal is to provide...

Moon surface simulator

The hydrosphere is a vacuum chamber containing 3.5 tons of regolith simulant used to perform tests for missions on the lunar soil.

COMEX supports ESA astronaut training

The European astronauts are trained by ESA on the rules of engagement of EVAs, through underwater simulations inside the NBF

New generation of recompression chambers for the French Navy

Commissioning of the COMEX recompression chamber delivered to SEE MERRÉ to equip the first diving support vessel of the French Navy.

Rolex and Comex push further the limits of presssure together

Comex’s technical teams have been working with Rolex for many years. They design and maintain special automated pressure testing machines. These machines are used to validate the waterproofness and resistance of the famous Rolex watches

V-Care project

Since man has been exploring space, one of the greatest challenges has been to be able to stay there for a long period of time (6 months). It is known that with time, the absence of gravity causes a premature aging of the bones as well as a muscular atrophy in the...


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