World pioneer in the development of technologies for manned intervention and robotics in extreme environments

Comex (Compagnie Maritime d’Expertises)

was founded in 1961 by Henri Germain Delauze (1929-2012)


In Land

Design of hyperbaric oxygen Therapy facilities and Special Machines

Hyperbaric and hypobaric tests centre
Hyperbaric equipment maintenance and servicing

At Sea

Fleet of offshore research vessels carrying underwater robots for operations down to 2700m

Robotics and vision systems for underwater survey

Out in Space

European space program team member
Astronaut training program team member
Space habitat life support systems
Launching of stratospheric platforms from sea vessel

Innovation is our DNA

Design and Engineering 

Innovation has always been part of Comex DNA. While preserving its ancestral know-how, our company has never ceased to remain at the forefront of scientific and technical innovations.

Hyperbaric and hypobaric Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Vision and photogrammetry Engineering

Space and robotics Engineering

Our Activities

In Land

Hyperbaric medicine

Hyperbaric and hypobaric Tests


Special Machines

Out in Space

Space Habitat Life Support systems

Astronaut Training program

At Sea

Oceanographic vessel fleet & ROV

ORUS 3D - Vision and Photogrammetry

Comex News

Enduruns project

Enduruns projetThe ENDURUNS project brings together 15 different European partners and an associated member from South Korea. The goal of this project is to develop and demonstrate a long endurance hybrid AUV (Autonomous Unmanned Vehicle) with gliding capabilities....

A new 5-year contract signed with the French Navy

COMEX SA is pleased to have won the new public contract from the French Ministry of the Armed Forces for the MCO* recompression chambers.
(* Maintenance in operational condition of the recompression chambers of the French Navy and Army).

COMEX partner of Merré Shipyards

Located north of Nantes, Merré Shipyards are recognized as a multi-specialist in shipbuilding.With the construction of eight military ships, 26.50-metre cruisers for French Navy’s mine clearance divers, Merré shipyards have been awarded their largest order ever. DGA...

The French company “Ship as a Service®” (SAAS) acquires the marine branch

The alliance with COMEX gives rise to a new structure immediately operational : “SAAS OFFSHORE”

CX3D – On orbit 3D modeling of satellites

Space debris is a growing concern for the space community. One way to reduce the amount of debris is to extend the life of the satellites

COMEX ORUS3D photogrammetry to survey polymetallic nodules on the seabed

The Marseille-based company COMEX performed last week pool trials with their 3D photogrammetry system “ORUS3D” to survey and cartography polymetallic nodules in the deep sea. Such metallic concretions, mainly composed of manganese, copper, nickel and cobalt, could be...


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