World pioneer in the development of technologies for manned intervention and robotics in extreme environments

Comex (Compagnie Maritime d’Expertises)

was founded in 1961 by Henri Germain Delauze (1929-2012)

Innovation is our DNA

Design and Engineering 

Innovation has always been part of Comex DNA. While preserving its ancestral know-how, our company has never ceased to remain at the forefront of scientific and technical innovations.

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Hypobaric Test Center

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Comex News

Altitude simulator

As expert in hyperbaric simulation and operations, COMEX created its altitude simulator in 2016. This test facility recreates pressure conditions at altitude. This altitude chamber is now a reference tool for the aeronautics and space industry, to meet their needs for...

Hyperbaric assistance service for tunnel boring machines

 Tunnel boring machines (TBMs) are machines used to excavate tunnels in different types of soil ranging from sand to granite. With a wide range of sizes, they allow the construction of road, rail or navigation tunnels. They are also used for digging galleries, sewers...

Maintenance in operational condition of hyperbaric installations

The Maintenance in Operational Condition (MCO) are the measures taken to guarantee breakdowns’ diagnosis and defective parts’ replacement, ensure conformity, modernization and treatment of the obsolescences, as well as crew training and documentation supply, within...

Supply of a Cx1800 Projectable Decompression Chamber to the Armada Argentina (Argentine Navy)

COMEX has produced a containerized decompression chamber to the Armada Argentina. It is intended to equip an Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) that will be delivered by the French Company NAGAL GROUP

Enduruns project

Enduruns projetThe ENDURUNS project brings together 15 different European partners and an associated member from South Korea. The goal of this project is to develop and demonstrate a long endurance hybrid AUV (Autonomous Unmanned Vehicle) with gliding capabilities....

A new 5-year contract signed with the French Navy

COMEX SA is pleased to have won the new public contract from the French Ministry of the Armed Forces for the MCO* recompression chambers.
(* Maintenance in operational condition of the recompression chambers of the French Navy and Army).


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