Technical Platform

Equipped with a 10 m deep pit, Comex main technical platform was designed to test, in real conditions, the procedures and equipment developed by its customers and partners


Served by a 5-ton overhead crane, two other pools complete the trial and test platform

Validation of equipment or procedures in one of our 3 pools

      • Fresh or demineralized water on request
      • 10 m water deep pit, Ø 6 m
      • Over 600 m2 of pool surface

Heavy lifting equipment

      • Standard: overhead crane with up to 5 metric tons (5000 daN) working payload
      • Specific conditions on request

High Definition & High Frequency Video Recordings

bassin plateforme essais tests cinematrographique
bassin plateforme essais tests cinematrographique

In addition to the testing and validation of Comex-specific equipment, the technical platform also play an important role in the development of spacesuits and tools for space exploration

Sea survival training, training, hosting nautical congresses, equipment demonstrations

Validation of equipment or procedures for the nuclear sector: Rental of test tanks by the day

Target calibration system for all underwater measuring systems
Ideal for the calibration of underwater photogrammetry systems

Bureau VERITAS Accreditation

Industrial sector, civil security and scientists use this technical platform to perform manned and unmanned underwater specific tests and trials

Medical and physiology

Approved and qualified by the Regional Health Agency

  • Biomedical Research Centre
  • Experimentation on human subjects
  • Dive simulator
  • Proven expertise in hyperbaric medicine

Proven expertise in hyperbaric and aeronautical medicine

Filming location

Comex pool enables shooting of specific cinematographic scenes, mainly underwater.
Ads and TV shows, movies such as :

The big Blue

Shot in 1987 by French movie director Luc Besson with Jean Reno and Jean Marc Barr

North star

Shot in 1995 with Christophe Lambert and directed by Nils Gaup

Transporter 3

Shot in 2008 with Jason Statham and directed by Olivier Megaton


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13275 Marseille – Cedex 9 –

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