Projetable hyperbaric chamber


Manufacturer of hyperbaric chambers for more than 40 years, Comex develops, on the basis of its standard range of hyperbaric chambers, various mobile recompression chamber systems.

Mobile hyperbaric chamber

Modular design according to customer’sneeds.
The range includes several diameters.

Each hyperbaric chamber is composed of a treatment chamber that can accommodate 4 patients sitted and 2 patients lying down and an airlock equipped with 1 or 2 seats.

Comex also provides its customers and partners with containerized hyperbaric chambers available for hire.

In accordance with the European Directive of Pressure Equipment, is equipped with the latest COMEX technologies for control and design: sessions controlled by an automatic system, support with multiple user modes, LED lighting, innovative communication system.

What’s more ergonomic chair and bed with arcording material that ease and optimize  the decontamination process.

A suitable solution to your needs

  • Integration in confined spaces, ships, containers, trucks, etc.
  • Different finishes (steel, stainless steel, aluminum)
  • Different diameters from 1000 mm to 1800 mm
  • Transportable and usable in a 20 foot container
  • Integration of base camp and recompression chamber in a 40-foot container

As certification is concerned, Comex relies on a very hight quality management system, consisting in the ISO 13485 certification for its medical devices and ISO 9001 for its other product.

Know-how and Expertise

Assistance in physiology and hyperbaric medicine

Optimized operating and maintenance costs

High-end and customized hyperbaric oxygen therapy facilities

Distribution of collective or individual therapeutic fluids


Cubic, cylindrical or omega shape

All sizes and all diameters

Single or multi chambers

All pressure levels

Patient entertainment

Hyperbaric chamber rental


Comex also offers a containerized transportable mobile hyperbaric system.

The containerized structure offers the advantage of moving the equipment by land (by truck) as well as by sea or air..

Manually or electronically operated It is an autonomous equipment featuring its own air production and storage system as well as its therapeutic gases storage and network..


Therapeutic hyperbaric chamber with possible treatment of 2 lying patients.
Delivered with a LP (Low Pressure) inflation line allowing acoustic comfort when pressurizing and a HP (High Pressure) line to meet all needs.
The chamber is made up of:

  • 1 spacious chamber equipped with two breathing stations
  • 1 transfer airlock equipped with a breathing station
  • 1 medicine locker
  • 2 hyperbaric extinguishers
  • 1 control desk equipped with a communication system, pressure gauges and gas analyzers

The container has:

  • 1 hard plan for stretcher of an injured
  • therapeutic gas compartment with an operating capacity of 2 HP cylinders of oxygen and one HP cylinder of super-oxygenated mixtures
    (Possibility to store additional bottles)
  • 1 desk compartment


  • Therapeutic gas cylinders
  • Additional HP air rack
  • Transport to the operating site
  • Medical bag


  • Prevention & Advice in hyperbaric medicine (H24 – 7/7)
  • Prevention & Regulatory advice for hyperbaric work




The Institute of Physiology and Medicine in the Maritime Environment and Extreme Environment (“PHYMAREX”) brings together a group of doctors and nurses mainly from the Public Assistance of Marseille Hospitals and more precisely from the Hyperbaric Center of CHU Sainte Marguerite . Operational members are trained in hyperbaric medicine and / or emergency medicine and / or aeronautical and aerospace medicine.



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