International defense player

With over 60 years of development experience, COMEX has a unique expertise in controlled pressure equipment that is demanding in terms of safety and performance.

A specialist in controlled pressure

The company develops innovative solutions to meet the needs of hyperbaric and hypobaric installations. COMEX designs, builds, integrates and maintains in service (MCO) controlled pressure installations and their equipment, and is present throughout the entire life cycle of its installations.

Projetable Hyperbaric Chamber

Spécial Machine

Hyperbaric Test Center

Hypobaric Test Center

Our innovation approach is at the heart of the company’s objectives, enabling us to provide the user armed forces with an operational advantage, while improving the conditions in which they carry out their missions.

These partnerships also enable the company to share its exceptional expertise, unique facilities, commitments and methods with members of the armed forces.

This approach contributes to maintaining relationships of trust and transparency between the company and its partners, and to improving its performance in the defense sector in France, Europe and internationally. This approach is based on a number of measures and initiatives, notably in the areas of risk management and internal control, our environmental policy, and the development of sustainable partnerships with our suppliers.

The partnerships we have forged with the defense departments of several countries strengthen the link between civilians and the military, between the armed forces and companies in the civilian sector, and are fully in line with our corporate social responsibility policy, which is essential in our relations with all stakeholders, whether they be customers, suppliers or, of course, our employees.

Our recent collaborations with the defense sector

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