With Comex longasting experience in underwater imaging, marinisation and integration of equipment for implementation in extreme environments, Comex Innovation department develop and realize solutions for complex underwater imaging. From integrated systems such as ORUS 3D® (very high resolution three-dimensional modeling system for remote-controlled machines) to specific systems made on demand, the Innovation department meets the requirements of underwater imaging systems for Science, Defense and Industry needs.



Since its early days, Comex have been at the top of the rankings for patent filings and regularly offer new products and services issued by its integrated R & D. Recently, the company have developed a new contactless submarine metrology system that reproduces 3D metric models of all types of submarine structures or landscapes with submillimeter definitions.




At the confluence of Human Sciences and Computer Science, the GROPLAN project, whose fields of action are in submarine and naval archeology, brings together researchers, academics and industrialists working in France, Malta and the USA.

The central proposal of this project is the construction of an information system based on ontologies. This information system will provide a formal framework and application tools to express and manage digital content and expert knowledge in a consistent manner.

The second proposal of the project is the implementation of methods for the collection of field data and their integration within the information system during the acquisition phase. During this phase COMEX will operate its very high resolution three-dimensional survey facilities for the acquisition of data at selected test sites.

Under this scheme in 2014, a survey of Xlendi wreck was carried out offshore Malta.

Funding: National Agency for Research

Partners: National Center for Scientific Research, Aix Marseille University, SETP, University of Malta, University of Texas, COMEX SA.

LORI Project – Location and Recognition of Submerged Objects

• The high-resolution photogrammetric survey in an underwater environment has taken an operational turn with the automation of treatments and their integration into a remote-controlled vehicle. This new type of data, whose production is now witened, opens up numerous prospects for exploitation in multiple sectors of activity, ranging from ecology to civil engineering, including oil services applications and the specific needs of mine warfare.

It is in this context that the LORI project proposes to exploit the high-resolution photogrammetric 3D readings to approach in an innovative angle the problems related to the identification of targets or objects and the guiding of an autonomous vehicle in their surrounding premises.

The purpose of the LORI project is to optimize photogrammetric survey techniques and to develop new approaches to object recognition. The adaptation of these techniques to their integration with in an autonomous vehicle scheme remains a goal to be achieved. This will require the miniaturization of embedded electronics and the optimization of embedded computing resources.

Financement : project RAPID DGA

Partenaires : National Center for Scientific Research, University of Aix Marseille, COMEX SA..



›› Multi-partner and multi-disciplinary project management

›› Expertise in photogrammetry

›› Expertise in digital electronics

›› Expertise in embedded computing

›› Multi-sensor data processing, 3D data – metrology



›› ROV metrology systems (ORUS 3D ®)

›› Diver operated metrology systems (ORUS 3D ®)

›› 3D acoustic camera Blueview BV 5000

›› Diver operated underwater imaging systems (stills cameras, video cameras, flashlights and floodlights)

›› Data Processing Servers

›› Software suites of photogrammetric data processing, point clouds, mesh, CAD, GIS

›› Virtual Reality Demonstrator of very big clouds of points



ORUS 3D ® is a contactless underwater measuring device for three-dimensional and very high resolution survey of underwater sites or structures. This new tool, based on a trifocal sensor and an automatic photogrammetric processing method allows to produce, directly on site and at scale high precision digital models.

The major innovations of this system consist in extreme conditions imaging capabilities joined with real time automated data prcessing ability in order to provide on site quality control.

The work carried out by mixed teams of engineers from CNRS and Comex has made it possible to build up and exceptional operational know-how and photogrammetric post-treatment skills based on more than 20 years of underwater imaging experience.

The result is an integrated system whose performance has so far been unmatched. The speed of acquisition, the methodological advances and the automation of the processing steps make it possible to optimize the working time of the operational means.

The ORUS 3D ® system provides data independently of any external positioning information source.

The precision of the results is thus independent of the precision of inertial units, DVL or acoustic positioning system.

However, all  acquired data can  be georeferenced in order to reposition the produce model within an absolute reference.

The fields of application are multiple :

›› OFFSHORE OIL & GAS : metrology, chain inspection

›› EXPERTISE / CIVIL ENGINEERING : inspection of works, inspection of hulls, dams, bridge piers, mapping of debris in case of accidents at sea.

›› DEFENSEmine warfare

›› ARCHEOLOGY Digital preservation tool for artefacts discovered during excavations, archeological heritage management etc.

›› ECOLOGY : management tool, periodical tracking… 

The ORUS 3D ® tool integrates easily with your ROV, bypassing traditional connections with other measurement and navigation sensors (INS / DVL / LBL), reducing installation time, measurement bias offsets, the need for a fine calibration.

The interfacing with the ROV is done via standard connections. The system is factory calibrated. Nevertheless an on site check may be quickly carried using a certified calibration test pattern.

Presentation of the ORUS 3D ®

Contact the Innovation Department

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13275 Marseille – Cedex 9 –

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Tél. +33 4 91 29 75 23
Fax +33 4 91 29 75 07

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