Experts in industrial maintenance of complex system

Comex teams are experts in hyperbaric and hypobaric engineering, sophisticated facility logistics and maintenance.

They provide training of personel to operation and servicing as well as equipment maintenance and upgrading.

Maintenance Industrial and Medical

Comex designs a specific maintenance pattern adapted to each and every contengency.

The part of the individual(s) in charge of maintenance management is to steer all actions that contribute to achieving the best technical and economic conditions, goals and objectives that have been determined in terms of costs, quality , reliability of operation (Reliability, Maintainability, Availability), safety and environment.

We set up a maintenance plan (a structured set of tasks that include operation, procedures, resources and required time) to carry out preventive maintenance. Performed at predetermined intervals or according to prescribed criteria, this maintenance is intended to reduce the probability of failure or excessive wear and tear during equipment operation.


Controls and technical expertise

Calibrations and analysis of gas quality NF EN 12021


Quality management system according to NF ISO 13485

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber Maintenance

As part of the upkeep and regular maintenance of our medical facilities, we have established a program dedicated to the maintenance of hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers. This program includes periodic inspections, as well as the control of life support systems and safety equipment.

Special attention is paid to maintaining air quality and chamber pressurization.

We also offer training for your staff in handling and basic maintenance of these equipments. This initiative aims to ensure the proper functioning and optimal safety of our hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers, thus guaranteeing the best possible care for your patients.




COMEX offers various formulas, ranging from yearly technical inspection to all-hazards maintenance, as per your very needs and requirements.


Comex Company has a true culture of partnership in the field of maintenance services with its clients.
CHU Besancon - France

Modernization & obsolescence treatment


Obsolescence treatment


Requalifications and regulatory inspections


Integration of new technologies


Structural changes to meet new needs and new standards

Hyperbaric Service for Tunnel Boring Machines


This service includes:

Rental of deployable hyperbaric chambers
Expertise in pressurized installations
Leak testing
Intervention at the pressure lock chambers
Calibration of pressure gauges
Personnel training




COMEX ensures any transfer of installation to a new operating area.



Telephone support and rapid response teams are always available to our customers and partners in France and around the world.

24/7 Intervention availability



COMEX defines the missions and responsibilities of the various actors and provides the end-user / or maintenance staff with operation and maintenance training  of medical hyperbaric chamber and special machine, that complies with the NF X 60-010 standards. Such training may be carried out at end-user premises depending on client’s very needs.


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