Hypobaric Testing Centre

Comex Hypobaric Testing Center integrates the technological developments that make it a research, trial, testing, measurement and qualification centre without equivalent

The CEH features a flight simulator that can reproduce environmental conditions up to an altitude of 40,000 feet and a space simulator that can reproduce vacuum conditions down to 4×10-5 bar / 70km+

Numerous test chambers up to vacuum, sophisticated volume variation and data acquisition instruments.


Altitude simulator


Hypoxic chamber dedicated to flight simulations


The possibility of reproducing in this 20 m² habitable altitude simulator a flight of up to 40,000 Feet (around 12,000 meters), allows to carry out trials and equipment qualifications in the presence of human subjects, with the support of our technical teams.



This hypobaric testing platform was the scene of many records, including the simulation of a 35-day Himalayan expedition in hypobaric conditions up to the Everest summit. .


Examples of trials and tests carried out in hypobaric conditions


Hypoxic Risk Awareness

Hypoxia situation in the flight simulator. These tests are intended to allow the EPNER trainees to experiment in the most realistic possible conditions different situations of hypoxia

Big leap

Preparation of a parachute jump from a very high altitude. Under the supervision of a medical team

Himalayan Expedition

35 days simulation in Comex hydrosphere of the climbing to the top of the Everest for a team of 8 altinauts, under close medical surveillance

Mountain lake diving

Preparation of a dive at an altitude of 6400 meters. Frédéric Swierczynski, diver of the extreme, came to prepare for a high-altitude dive. This preparation took place in the altitude simulator of the Comex Test Centre in Marseille, France

Extra Vehicular Activities (EVA) Training

Simulation both in regulated atmosphere in the Hydrosphere and in microgravity conditions in our test pools

Equipment Validation

Validation of aeronautical and space equipment for the private sector, Space agencies and defence authorities


Space simulator



The HYDROSPHERE facility is dedicated to space mission simulations


A hypobaric test center for manned or robotics space mission simulations, aiming at the Moon and Mars

    • Trials and Test under vacuum conditions of 4×10-5 bar/ 70 km+
    • 5m Sphere to simulate Extra Vehicular Activities (EVA)
    •  33 m³ habitat for full accommodation of up to an 8 people crew.
    • Tests under controlled and monitored atmospheric conditions

Various possible simulations around space projects

Orbital Station


Space Habitat

Robotics Testing

A complete range to meet your very needs

Comex offers a wide range of hypobaric chambers, which makes it possible to address a complete demand for trials and tests under hypobaric conditions, whether to evaluate technical communication equipment, portholes, etc. as well as man related personal gear such as breathing system, helmet, suit and so on.

Outstanding know-how

The decisive asset for our customers and partners lies in the outstanding expertise of our engineers in the command and control of extreme pressure and temperature conditions.

A special uncommon know-how that has allowed our company to be involved over time in a very wide range of projects in the aeronautics and space fields.

Medical and physiology

Approved and qualified by the Regional Health Agency

  • Biomedical Research Centre
  • Experimentation on human subjects
  • Dive simulator
  • Proven expertise in hyperbaric medicine

Proven expertise in hyperbaric and aeronautical medicine

Our references

Know-how acquired through more than 60 years of industrial experience and achievement


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