Hyperbaric Test Center


The Hyperbaric Testing Center has always integrated the technological developments that make it a unique research, testing, measurement and validation center


The center welcomes actors from the underwater industries, offshore oil and gas, offshore construction, mechanical, nuclear, aeronautics, Defence, space, medical and scientific research.

A unique test platform

COMEX Experimental Hyperbaric center (CEH) in Marseille features outstanding testing and trial facilities. All its pressure vessel are made available to its customers for the qualification of equipment and methods of human intervention in extreme environments.

The center extends its activities to any internal or external pressure material testing. These tests are carried out in a series of chambers, with various working pressures and of different sizes, suitable for equipment with volumes ranging from a few deciliters to several cubic meters.

Validation of equipment in hyperbaric

Hydrostatic tests up to 2000 bar pressure

Measurement of volume variation under constraints

Instrumentation, automation and data acquisition

Tests in regulated and controlled temperature enviroment

All types of fluids (Gas / Liquid)

A wide range of testing facilities

Test chambers

years of experience in hyperbarism

bars can be simulated

CE 6 300

outil coupe machine ingenierie comex

Working Pressure : 630 bars

Dimension : Ø 205 mm / L 605 mm
Volume : 20 Litres
Ingress diameter : 205 mm

EMS 800

outil coupe machine ingenierie comex

Working Pressure : 80 bars

Sphere dimension : Ø 2.4 m X 3 sphères
Volume : 21 m3
Ingress diameter : 0.73 m

Hydrostatic test can be performed up to 80b in those pressure vessels assembly.
As per project needs, 1, 2 or 3 spheres can be used at the time, using watertight doors.
Numerous technical flanges are available for feedthroughs.
Adaptations are possible to control and automate environmental parameters such as pressure, temperature.
Can be requalified to perform human dry & wet simulated dives..

CE 4 000

Caisson test hyperbare CE 4000

Working Pressure : 400 bars

Sphere dimension : Ø 2.5 m

Volume : 8 m3

Ingress diameter : 2.5 m

This sphere is dimensioned to simulate up to 4000 meter depth (400b WP). Consisting of two horizontally bolted steel hemispheres, it was originally designed to test civilian submarine hulls, but it also can be operated to assess the pressure performances of any other equipment or material

CE 2 500

Working Pressure : 250 bars

Dimension : H 0.52 / L 0.68 m
Volume : 160 Litres
Ingress diameter : 0.60 m

It is a hemispherical chamber, sized to simulate up to 2500 meter depth (250b WP). It is specially adapted to test small components in a liquid environment.

Adaptations are possible to control and automate compression, stop pressure-hold and decompression phases.

CE 1 000

outil coupe machine ingenierie comex

Working Pressure : 70 bars

Dimension : Ø 1 m / L 1.8 m

Volume : 1.7 m3
Ingress diameter : 1 m

This cylindrical horizontal chamber allows to simulate up to 700 meter depth (70b WP). It features a full diameter access door, a viewing porthole and various feedthroughs for fluids and electricity..

This means of hydrostatic tests is specially adapted to test medium-sized equipment of R.O.V. type, manipulator arm, umbilicals, junction box, etc.

Adaptations are possible to control and automate compression, level-hold and decompression phases.

Windows pressure vessel

Working Pressure : 20 bars

Dimension : Ø 0,7 m / H 0,4 m

Volume : 154 Litres

Ingress diameter : 0,7 m



CE 1 200


Working Pressure : 120 bars

Dimension : H 2.22 m / Ø 1.5 m

Volume : 4 m3
Ingress diameter : 0.6 m

This chamber is designed to simulate a depth of 1200 meters (120b WP).

his vertical cylindrical hull is perfectly suited for testing medium-sized hardware.

Adaptations are possible to control and automate environmental parameters such as pressure, temperature, humidity, …

Caisson B


Working Pressure : 4 bars

Dimension : Ø 1.8 m / L 2 m
Volume : 7.6 m3

Ingress diameter : 0.68 m


This recompression chamber is designed to simulate up to 40 meter depth (10b WP), using compressed air.

It consists of a supine patient compartment and an access lock for medical support personnel..

It can be adapted to automate compression, decompression stops and decompression phases.


Working Pressure : 200 bars

Dimension : H 0.75 m / Ø 0.28 m
Volume : 47 dm3
Ingress diameter : 0.25 m

Works on gas and water

This fully automated enclosure allows to simulate up to 2000 meter depth (200b WP).

A window allows to visually check inside the chamber or to film the tests under progress.

CE 20 000


Working Pressure : 2 000 bars

Dimension : Ø 83 mm / L 532 mm

Volume : 3 Litres
Ingress diameter : 83 mm


Medical and physiology

Approved and qualified by the Regional Health Agency

  • Biomedical Research Centre
  • Experimentation on human subjects
  • Dive simulator
  • Proven expertise in hyperbaric medicine

Proven expertise in hyperbaric and aeronautical medicine

Our references

Know-how acquired through more than 60 years of industrial experience and achievement


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