For more than 40 years, Comex has been designing, manufacturing, integrating and implementing hyperbaric chambers and medical hyperbaric oxygen therapy devices. Its equipment is present in a very large number of private or public care units. More than 200 around the world.



Comex teams carry out the design, manufacturing, instalation and commissioning of hyperbaric medicine and oxygen therapy facilities, from its workshops to the final use site. The Services Department provides training on the use and maintenance of a hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

The Comex  services department provide on site operations and maintenance training of the end user personel.

Comex also offers updating servicing for existing instalation in order to cope with the latest state of the art design and advanced technology.

As far as certification is concerned,  Comex relies on a very high quality management system, consisting in the ISO 13485 certification for its medical devices and ISO 9001 for its other products.


  • Control panel meeting the standards of ergonomics
  • Optimized tracking with supervision software
  • Automatic management of treatment sessions (many modes)
  • Communication system meeting the constraints of a hyperbaric installation
  • Numerous storage and rails for the integration of medical equipment
  • High brightness LED lighting for safe medical procedures


  • Ergonomic chairs décontaminable et personalisable
  • Led lighting system soothing and intense
  • Multimedia entertainment system
  • Clean environment studied for serenity and well-being
  • Light autoclave masks with regulator valve or balloon
  • Air conditioning and heating system


  • Installation meeting harmonized standards related to Directive 93/42 / EC
  • Fire fighting system in accordance with the requirements of standard NF EN 16081
  • Controlling the oxygen level of the medical fluid distributed to patients
  • Central medical production and storage of medical quality
  • Industrial grade computing architecture
  • Control using CCTV with wide angle HD cameras



On the basis of its standard range of hyperbaric chambers, Comex is also developing various mobile decompression chamber systems.

Comex also offers a containerized transortable mobile hyperbaric system. Manually or electronically operated It is an autonomous equipment featuring its own air production and storage system as well as its therapeutic gases storage and network.


Comex exclusively distributes a new hyperbaric perfusion device of Swiss manufacture, certified for use in pressurized environments

Innovation, our DNA


Integration of medical monitoring, hyperbaric pump, sessions database, LED lighting, computer control of industrial quality, regulation of the pression of high precision, video surveillance and high definition multimedia audiovisual system …, as much improvement that we integrate in our new equipment and existing facilities during periodic reviews and in-situ upgrades.

Know-how and Expertise

Assistance in physiology and hyperbaric medicine

Optimized operating and maintenance costs

High-end and customized hyperbaric oxygen therapy facilities


Forme cubique ou cylindrique

Toutes dimensions et tous diamètres

Tous niveaux de pression



The Institute of Physiology and Medicine in the Maritime Environment and Extreme Environment (“PHYMAREX”) brings together a group of doctors and nurses mainly from the Public Assistance of Marseille Hospitals and more precisely from the Hyperbaric Center of CHU Sainte Marguerite . Operational members are trained in hyperbaric medicine and / or emergency medicine and / or aeronautical and aerospace medicine.


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Comex partner of hyperbaric medicine

Comex designs, manufactures and integrates hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers for hyperbaric medicine for more than 40 years. She accompanies her clients in an ongoing process for the development of their facilities Our hyperbaric oxygen therapy facilities are present...

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Suivez l'actualité COMEX

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