The culture of “à la carte” work has allowed the COMEX engineers to develop unique capabilities in the design, manufacturing and implementation of special machines in all areas of the hyperbaric field, research laboratories, industry, armed force


the area of expertise of the Engineering Department ranges from feasibility studies and design to manufacturing, installation and commissioning of special machines and complex hyperbaric and hypobaric equipment at end user premises.

With a long experience in the offshore industry, in scientific research and in defense, the outstanding expertise of our engineers, in the control of extreme pressure and temperature conditions make COMEX a world-renowned specialist in hyperbaric and hypobaric domain.



The hyperbaric sets used by armies and research centers around the world benefit from the very long experience of complex projects developed by Comex. The responsiveness and creativity of the company’s teams also enable Comex to meet even more specific requests for hyperbaric design and engineering around special machines, linked to major advanced technology projects. Most of these projects are confidential and use classified materials.


Rolex, a long-standing partner of the company, for which a special automated and unique pressure control machine has been designed, built and integrated at Rolex facilities. This tool enables to test the tightness and resistance to pressure (up to 600 bar) of the famous diving watches.

COMEX provided the design, manufacturing and qualification of special remotely operated inspection and mechanical repair tools in cryogenic environment for the maintenance of a liquefied natural gas reservoir at -163 ° C, located in a Mediterranean harbour.

Study, design and manufacturing of a 3000 bar hyperbaric test chamber.

Manual closing without tools

Unique sealing system

Temperature regulation up to 200 °C C

Realization of a special hyperbaric test machine capable of going up to 40 bar internal pressure. Pressure tests combine with in-water test of sun marine high voltage cable and connexion system, dielectric contraints and thermal cycles.

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Comex partner of hyperbaric medicine

Comex designs, manufactures and integrates hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers for hyperbaric medicine for more than 40 years. She accompanies her clients in an ongoing process for the development of their facilities Our hyperbaric oxygen therapy facilities are present...

The first test of a lunar sortie

Version Française ESA astronauts tested replicas of the NASA Apollo mission tools, which were manufactured by COMEX, during a training session held at the Lanzarote Geopark on the ESA (European Space Agency) Spaceflight Analog grounds. The PANGAEA-X training which...

The COMEX oceanographic fleet is revamped

Version Française 2018, the year of renewal for the COMEX fleet.   The Janus II, flagship of the COMEX oceanographic research fleet, has just undergone a full renovation of its vital parts. This refitting work was carried out at the Saint-Mandrier shipyard to IMS...

The COMEX Hypobaric Test Center has just been equipped with a new flight simulator

In its continued desire to strengthen its partnership with the aeronautics and space industrial sector, COMEX has equipped its Hypobaric Test Center with a flight simulator capable of reproducing aeronautic and spatial flights. In the altitude simulator, a habitable...
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