Medicine and hyperbaric oxygen therapy

For more than 40 years, Comex has been designing, manufacturing, integrating and implementing hyperbaric chambers and medical hyperbaric oxygen therapy devices. Its equipment is present in more than 200 private or public care units around the world.

Hospital hyperbaric Chamber

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber (HBO)


Comex teams carry out the design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of hyperbaric medicine and oxygen therapy facilities, from its workshops to the final use site.
We take into account the organization of the patient journey, the organization of services.
COMEX provides training on the use and maintenance of  hyperbaric oxygen chambers.

Comex also offers updating service for existing installations in order to propose the latest state of the art design and the most advanced technologies.

COMEX relies on a high quality management system : medical devices are ISO 13485 certified while the rest of the products hold an ISO 9001 certification.


Comex develops the range of Cx2 and Cx2CUB hyperbaric chamber



The development of this range has benefited from the combination of needs expressed by technical and medical personnel working in hyperbaric centers.

The development of the Cx2 range has also been carried out in compliance with the EN14931 standard relating to multiplace hyperbaric chambers for therapeutic use.

Their development meet the NF EN 16081 standard related to fire-fighting systems in hyperbaric chambers.

Security and reliability

  • Installation meeting harmonized standards related to Directive 93/42 / EC
  • Fire fighting system in accordance with the requirements of standard NF EN 16081
  • Oxygen level control of the medical fluid distributed to patients
  • medical quality air production and storage
  • Industrial grade computing architecture
  • Control using wide angle HD cameras CCTV

Staff comfort

  • Ergonomics control panel
  • Optimized tracking with supervision software
  • Automatic management of treatment sessions (many modes)
  • Communication system fitted for  hyperbaric installations
  • Numerous storage and rails for additional medical equipments
  • High brightness LED lighting for safe medical procedures

Patient comfort

  • decontaminable and customizable ergonomic chair
  • Soothing and intense LED lighting system
  • Multimedia entertainment system
  • Clean environment studied for serenity and well-being
  • Light autoclave masks with regulator valve or balloon
  • Air conditioning and heating system


In the context of improving the working conditions of caregivers, special attention has been given to the accessibility of essential care instruments, such as constant monitors, ventilators, syringe drivers, and computer equipment, especially in hyperbaric chambers.

Thanks to collaboration with an ergonomist, the workspaces of the caregivers have been optimized to allow them to effectively assist patients in hyperbaric chambers, even during long treatment periods, without any hindrance.

A transformation has also been made to the “control command” stations. This redesign has positioned all controls in ergonomically comfortable or acceptable areas, in accordance with the NF X 35-102 standard. Moreover, all necessary information is now within the field of vision of the caregivers, in line with the NF X 35-101 standard..

Furthermore, the proposed evolution in patient seating also benefits all seated positions at the control desk and at computerized workstations.


A series of measures have been implemented to enhance patient comfort, particularly in combating claustrophobia in oxygen therapy chambers. Increasing the exterior visibility from hyperbaric chambers has also been a priority. This initiative aims to optimize the field of vision for patients from their seats, thus contributing to a more pleasant and less anxiety-inducing experience.

Noise treatment has also been a priority. This includes significant improvements: encapsulation of noisy elements, acoustic treatment of walls and floors, evolution of piping to reduce their sound emission, and their mounting on silent blocks.

Special effort has been put into selecting the seats used in hyperbaric chambers, with a focus on comfort and ease of use for patients.

Finally, the addition of audio and video entertainment has been designed to enrich the patient experience, making their stay in the hyperbaric chamber more enjoyable and entertaining.

Know-how and Expertise

Assistance in physiology and hyperbaric medicine

Optimized operating and maintenance costs

High-end and customized hyperbaric oxygen therapy facilities

Distribution of collective or individual therapeutic fluids


Cubic, cylindrical or omega shape

All sizes and all diameters

Single or multi chambers

All pressure levels

Patient entertainment

after-sales service



French / English

Innovation, our DNA

Integration of medical monitoring, hyperbaric pump, sessions database, LED lighting, industrial quality computer control,  high precision pressure regulation, CCTV and high definition multimedia audiovisual system …, are the improvements  we integrate in our new equipments and existing facilities during periodic reviews and in-situ upgrades.

modelisation chambre hyperbare
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