Hyperbaric and Hypobaric Testing

The Hyperbaric and Hypobaric Test Center has always incorporated the technological evolutions that make it a center of research, testing, measurement and validation that is unparalleled worldwide. The Center welcomes actors from the underwater, offshore oil, mechanical, nuclear, aerospace, defense, space and medical and scientific research industries.

Hyperbaric and Hypobaric Center


Located in Marseilles, the Comex hyperbaric test Center features exceptional manned and unmanned test facilities.  All of its hyperbaric and hypobaric chambers are made available to its customers for the qualification of equipment and methods of human intervention in extreme environments. The center activities extend to a large range of internal and external pressure test capabilities. These tests are carried out in a series of pressure hulls featuring various working pressures and sizes, able to accommodate equipment with volumes ranging from a few deciliters to several cubic meters.


Validation of equipment in hyperbaric and hypobaric conditions


Instrumentation, automation and data acquisition


Hydrostatic tests up to 400 bar pressure


Measurement of volume variation under constraints


Simulation of pressures from 40 000 m altitude up to 4000 bar


Experimentation on a human subject

A wide range of test facilities

Outstanding know-how


Comex Hyperbaric Center is equipped with a diving simulator rated up to 800 msw (80 bar) and a flight simulator that can reproduce pressures conditions up to 40 000 meters altitude. It also features a wide variety of test chambers with pressure ranging from near vacuum up to 400 bar wp and sophisticated monitoring instruments for measuring volume variation and data acquisition. Numerous world record have been carried out in these premises, inclunding the deepest ever simulated manned dive at 701msw (70 bar) and a simulated 35 day manned climbing of the Everest mountain up to 8848 m (330 mb).

The decisive asset for our customers and partners is the incomparable expertise of our engineers in controlling extreme pressure and temperature conditions. A special know-how that has allowed them to be involved over time on a very wide range of projects in the marine, submarine, terrestrial, aeronautical and space sectors..

Biomedical Research Center

Licensed by the Regional Center of Health

Recognized expertise in hyperbaric medicine and aeronautics

The Institute of Physiology and Medicine in Marine Environment and Extreme Environment “PHYMAREX” brings together a group of doctors and nurses mainly from the Public Assistance of Marseille Hospitals and more precisely from the Hyperbaric Center of CHU Sainte Marguerite. Operational members are trained in hyperbaric medicine and / or emergency medicine and / or aeronautical and aerospace medicine.



Comex main test pool has been designed to carry out in-water tests procedures and equipment developed by its customers and partners. It features a 6 m wide, 10 m deep pit and a 5 ton overhead service crane. Two complementary shallower (4m) tanks enable diver qualification and training.

In addition to the tests and validation of equipment specific to Comex, these pools also play an important part in the development of innovating diving gear and space exploration specific tools.

Manufactured and scientists commonly use this test platform with its you unique dimensions and characteristics.


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