Design office

Innovation has always been part of the DNA of COMEX.
While preserving its know-how, our company has never ceased to remain at the forefront of scientific and technical innovations.

The Comex design office is composed of three structures, featuring each their own expertise.

Fluids – Mechanical – Control-Command

Gathering technical experts, engineers, draughtsmen and automation engineers, these structures are responsible for producing studies that guide and justify the structural and technical choices of a project in line with the challenges of the quality management system

Fluid Design Office

Areas of expertise

All pressure level controlled system processes, Systematic review, Semi-empirical study, Specific modelling, Experimentation in the range of ultra-vacuum conditions up to hyperbaric environment, R1T works including «Air & Water life supports»

Main missions

    • Feasibility studies in compliance with regulatory requirements
    • Define the processes involved in a confined environment

    • Implementation of P&ID

    • R&T work. Evaluate the integration potential of innovative fluid components under hypobaric and hyperbaric conditions

    • Analysis of scientific study reports
    • Part list, Calculation notes, Technical instructions drafting

Mechanical Design Office


Areas of expertise

Robotic production machines, test benches, medical devices, fluid panels, laboratory equipment, sub-assembly development, retrofit, maintenance, obsolescence treatment


Main missions


    • R&T, Pre-projects and feasibility study in compliance with regulatory requirements
    • Engineering of mechanical or robotic systems from design to layout up to manufacturing
    • Drafting of nomenclatures, calculation notes, technical instructions
    • Manufacturing and integration, final tuning support, commissioning

Control-Command Design


Areas of expertise

Industrial process management, System automation, Man-machine interface, Regulation, Instrumentation and metrology, Variation and positioning, Field network communication, People and Goods Securing, Energy and process optimization, Data and measurement Analysis.


Main missions 


    • R&T, Preliminary Feasibility in Compliance with Regulatory Requirementss
    • Studies and construction of electrical sub-assemblies <400v ac
    • Design and implementation of complex automated system from sensor/actuator to human- machine interface
    • Automated systems optimization, rehabilitation and upgrade
    • Maintenance of equipment, tools and test equipment, with ad hoc interventions and document production


The COMEX team working with us on the Life Support aspects for space exploration has proven to be an innovative and efficient force for proposal. They know how to mix technological and scientific research aspects, which is an outstanding contribution in establishing the credibility of our documents

Grégory Navarro


Our modes of intervention

One-day consulting

During a one day visit at your premises, we analyze your need and/or problem in order to provide you with advice in a written reportt

Basic study

We carry out an in-depth interview with your staff for a more detailed understanding of your needs and a visit of the site. It is sanctioned by the production of a written report including recommendations and plans. This service provides a one day visit and delivery of the report.

Comprehensive study


Analysis of your installation site with research of preliminary data, interviews for the clear and shared definition of your objectives, diagnosis and analysis of the elements, planning of realization, budget. This service involves several interviews and the delivery of a report


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