Jean marc Solans

Passionate about the world of marketing, SEO, and new technologies, my journey as a business developer and then as a company leader has allowed me to understand and meet client needs. I've discovered the power of marketing in the business world and how to use it to create strong connections with consumers. These experiences have given me a better understanding of client expectations and have enabled me to develop effective and targeted marketing strategies over the past decade. Naturally curious, I am constantly in search of new challenges and opportunities to learn and grow. I strive to explore new subjects and work with a variety of clients, always with the goal of providing effective, targeted, and high-quality marketing solutions.

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COMEX securing its future with a fund

Our President, Alexandra Oppenheim Delauze, is transferring all of her assets to the COMEX Fund. This transfer helps to protect the Company as it will never again be subject to inheritance, buyouts, or coveting.

Moon surface simulator

The hydrosphere is a vacuum chamber containing 3.5 tons of regolith simulant used to perform tests for missions on the lunar soil.