Catalysts of Innovation in Controlled Pressure: Hydrogen Sector






25 Jan, 2024



Catalysts of Innovation in Controlled Pressure: Hydrogen Sector

The emergence of hydrogen as an additional answer to energy needs marks a new and promising era in the quest for sustainable and environmentally friendly energy solutions. This light, high-energy gas presents itself as a future energy vector, capable of transforming our way of producing, storing, and using energy. As the world resolutely moves towards decarbonization and energy transition, the hydrogen sector, with its multiple applications ranging from green mobility to the stabilization of electrical grids, is booming. This exponential growth opens unprecedented horizons for innovation and engineering, fields in which Comex excels.

At Comex, thanks to our history, we understand the complexity and challenges associated with hydrogen, particularly in terms of handling and storage under high pressure. With our pioneering expertise in mastering pressures and manufacturing specialized machinery, we are ideally positioned to play a key role in this energy revolution. Through our innovative approach and technical know-how, we develop customized solutions that meet the demands of the hydrogen sector, particularly in terms of safety and efficiency. Our reputation is built on our ability to meet the most complex technical challenges and to provide tailor-made solutions that precisely meet the specific needs of our clients. Thanks to a team of highly qualified engineers and technicians, Comex has forged unparalleled expertise in creating systems capable of handling, testing, and containing high-pressure gases, a critical skill in the rapidly growing hydrogen sector.

At the Heart of Innovation: Specialized Machinery for Hydrogen:

At the core of Comex’s expertise lies the design and creation of specialized machinery, a field in which we have already made significant achievements, especially in the hydrogen sector. Our custom-made testing machines for hydrogen tanks, integrated into a fully automated production line, are examples of our ability to meet complex technical challenges. Fully automated, they fit into our clients’ production lines and meet their need for high-speed testing. Designed to ensure safety and performance, these machines demonstrate our mastery of high-pressure and high-cycle testing processes, a crucial aspect in hydrogen handling.

Similarly, our custom-made containment chambers showcase our ability to design solutions that combine enhanced safety with optimal performance. These chambers, essential for the safe experimentation of handling hydrogen under high pressure, reflect our commitment to providing equipment that meets the strictest standards and integrates seamlessly into production lines.

These achievements, most of which remain confidential at our clients’ request, testify to our technical expertise and our capacity to meet cutting-edge requirements, representing milestones in our journey of innovation and collaboration with key players in the sector. The constantly evolving hydrogen sector offers fertile ground for new applications and innovations. At Comex, we are resolutely forward-looking, continuously exploring new ways to expand our range of specialized machinery to meet the emerging challenges of the sector. Our commitment to innovation and quality places us in an ideal position to develop novel solutions that will shape the future of this industry.

High-Pressure Solution for Hydrogen:

Development of Ultra High Pressure (UHP) Valves

We have taken a new step in the engineering of high-pressure solutions, with particular attention to the development of ultra high pressure valves. These components, essential in the management of high-pressure gases, play a key role in the control and safety of processes. Our approach in designing these valves combines technological innovation and engineering expertise, resulting in products capable of operating at pressures up to 2000 bars with unparalleled precision. Each valve we design is the result of thorough research and meticulous development. By optimizing the performance and durability of these components, we contribute to enhancing the safety and efficiency of hydrogen systems.

Our Test Center: A Pillar of Validation and Qualification

The Comex hyperbaric and hypobaric test center is equipped with unique facilities offering testing services for both internal and external pressure, meeting a wide range of requirements and specifications. It includes a series of test means of various pressures, sizes, and capacities, ranging from a few deciliters to several cubic meters, thus offering unparalleled flexibility for the qualification of equipment and intervention methods in extreme environments.

Our Test Center stands out as a key player in the field of research and validation. With constant technological advancements, our center has become an essential hub for testing, measurements, and validation. Its reputation attracts companies from sectors as diverse as energy, industry, medical, marine, aeronautics/space, defense, as well as scientific research participants.

By integrating our test center into our range of services for the hydrogen sector, we underline our determination to offer complete solutions to our partners. Our commitment to innovation drives us to constantly push the boundaries of what we can test and validate, thus affirming our leadership role in the field of testing and trials under extreme conditions, thereby strengthening our position as a pioneer in innovation and research.

Comex’s Design Office: An Incubator of Innovations

Our design office, a true incubator of innovations, is at the heart of our approach to excellence. Comprising three specialized poles – Fluids, Mechanics, and Control Command – it is the place where creativity meets precision engineering, where new ideas are continuously explored, tested, and implemented. This proactive approach allows us to develop advanced technologies, such as ultra-high-pressure valves, cutting-edge containment systems, and custom-made test machines, which set the industry standards.

Our journey is marked by fruitful collaborations with industrialists from multiple sectors, testifying to our ability to adapt and innovate according to the specific needs of each client. Partnerships of over thirty years with some leading players like Rolex are the best testimonies of the recognition of our expertise. This versatility and expertise ideally position us to make a significant contribution to the development of the hydrogen sector, where safety, reliability, and efficiency are paramount.

In summary, Comex represents more than just a manufacturer of specialized machines; we are a strategic partner in the deployment of cutting-edge technologies for hydrogen, ready to meet today’s challenges and anticipate those of tomorrow.


The impact of Comex in the hydrogen sector is multidimensional. Through our specialized machinery, including custom-made testing systems, advanced containment chambers, ultra-high-pressure valves, and our unique test center, we have demonstrated our ability not only to meet the current technical challenges but also to anticipate the future needs of this rapidly evolving sector.

We are aware that success in this field relies not only on technological advancements but also on collaboration and knowledge sharing. That’s why we are committed to working hand in hand with other industry players.

At Comex, we are proud to be part of this adventure, bringing our expertise, passion, and commitment towards a responsible and sustainable future for all.


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