Mastering Aquatic Risks: COMEX Training Sessions






12 Dec, 2023



Mastering Aquatic Risks: COMEX Training Sessions

Every year, thousands of professionals face the dangers and challenges of working in aquatic environments. Understanding and mastering the risks associated with these settings is crucial, not only to prevent accidents but also to ensure an effective response in case of emergency. Safety is not just an option, it’s a vital necessity.

With a rich history rooted in the depths of the sea, COMEX is now committed to sharing its unique expertise through a series of specialized training programs, designed to transform how industries, businesses, and institutions approach safety in aquatic environments.

Join us on this educational journey towards enhanced safety and skill development in an aquatic work environment.

COMEX: An Odyssey in the Heart of the Oceans

Since its inception, COMEX has established itself as a key player in underwater exploration and engineering. Born from passion and an innovative vision focused on the conquest of marine depths, our company has, over the decades, pushed the boundaries of professional diving and underwater technology.

From its early steps in developing revolutionary diving techniques to its current contributions to major maritime projects, COMEX has always been guided by a quest for excellence and underwater safety. Its history, marked by significant achievements, is a testament to its unbreakable connection with the marine world.

This expertise, forged in the heart of the Oceans, is today at the service of specialized training, marking COMEX’s ongoing commitment to safety and efficiency in this fascinating and demanding environment.

Aquatique Training in Marseille: COMEX’s Commitment to Safety.

Equipped with technical facilities and sea access, it includes three testing pools, with a main pool featuring a 10-meter deep pit extending over 1800 m². This center provides an ideal setting for a wide range of training programs. These facilities enable COMEX to offer training programs tailored to the specific needs of industries, businesses, institutions, and local authorities. These trainings are essential for work environments exposed to aquatic risks, in accordance with the requirements of the labor code (article R4534-136) and (article R4323-106).

The focus is on training all personnel working in environments where water is a key factor. This training enables the identification and prevention of risks such as falls into water, drowning, and the efficient use of personal flotation protection equipment. This training action also includes mastering first aid techniques.

Our educational teams are composed of specialists in aquatic rescue intervention, state-certified professional diving, and specialized doctors and nurses, ensuring tailored and high-quality training.

Prevention of falls into water and wearing a life jacket. This training will enable you to analyze risks, assess dangers, and check the presence and condition of safety equipment. Through practical scenarios, you will develop your skills to be able to analyze a situation, alert emergency services, and implement the techniques and actions required.

Maritime Safety Training. This training enables trainees to understand the origin of the difficulties that can arise at sea, to know how to avoid them, and if necessary, to manage them, alone or with the help of a professional rescuer.

Sea Survival and First Aid. This training comprises two one-day modules. The first module enables identification of the origins of difficulties that can arise at sea, knowing how to avoid them, and if necessary, how to manage them, alone or with the help of a professional rescuer. The teaching of the second module (second day), after recovering a man overboard, you will be able to analyze and assess the situation, conduct an assessment of vital signs, take care of an unconscious person, handle trauma, etc. You will learn to communicate with maritime and medical assistance services.

HUET Training: Comprehensive Preparation for Air Emergency Situations.

The HUET (Helicopter Underwater Escape Training)is for anyone who needs to travel by helicopter to and from a body of water. This intensive and comprehensive training is essential for those who regularly travel by helicopter over bodies of water, whether for offshore oil operations, search and rescue missions, or other professional activities. The training covers in detail the implementation of individual and collective rescue procedures and means, which are essential in the event of a helicopter falling into the sea.

Participants will learn to adopt optimal survival postures, to extricate themselves from submerged cabins, and to deal with critical situations such as onboard fires. In addition to these technical skills, special attention is given to first aid techniques, a crucial know-how for ensuring not only one’s own safety but also that of other passengers in case of an accident. Through realistic simulations and the expertise of our trainers, participants acquire reflexes and skills that can make a difference.

Expertise and Advice: COMEX’s Personalized Approach

COMEX goes beyond mere training by also offering a service of expertise and advice for companies facing the challenges of the aquatic environment. Recognizing that each work environment is unique, we understand the importance of a thorough risk analysis and the development of tailored prevention measures. Our team of experts specializes in the assessment and interpretation of aquatic environments, enabling COMEX to provide strategic and practical advice for the integration of effective and compliant Prevention Plans. Whether for a one-time evaluation or ongoing support, we are dedicated to working closely with companies to identify, analyze, and mitigate the aquatic risks specific to their sector of activity.

For any consulting service inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our team. Together, we will work to ensure maximum safety and regulatory compliance in your aquatic work environment.


The training courses offered by COMEX in Marseille, France, are not just classes; they represent an evolution in the way safety in aquatic environments is perceived and managed. With an exceptional site, expert trainers, and a strong commitment, COMEX positions itself as an undisputed player in aquatic safety training.


To learn more about our training and how it can benefit your team, please do not hesitate to contact us at Our dedicated team is ready to answer all your questions and guide you in choosing the training most suited to your specific needs.


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