COMEX securing its future with a fund






2 Oct, 2023



COMEX securing its future with a fund

Oct 2, 2023

The COMEX History:

The Marseille-based company has evolved over the last 60 years while remaining faithful to its DNA. After Henri Germain Delauze, the founder and visionary who laid the foundations of an extraordinary and legendary company, Michèle Fructus, a fervent defender of the soul and heritage of COMEX, Alexandra OPPENHEIM-DELAUZE continues the company by securing the future of COMEX through the creation of fund.

Being competitive while reconciling the human, innovation, and the economic has always been at the heart of its priorities.

The recipe for this was the resources and support provided to each department (human, financial, and material) for four years, then came the time for assessment, hastened by the health crisis. The Employment Protection Plan initiated for 17 people, (of whom everyone found a job except the two people very close to retirement), the sale of a portion of the assets through ships, breathed the necessary life into a strategy refocused on the core business which is engineering in hyperbaric and hypobaric environments.

Beyond the increase in market shares in special machines, the increase in maintenance, testing, and the operation of testing means, the development of new products, training, are all solid strings that ensure the future and sustainability.

The Motivation:

With the economic future of the company now stable, sustainable, and solid, what remained was the legal shell, offered by the Pacte Law in 2019 through the Fund.
In clear terms, our Chairwoman transfers all of her assets to the COMEX Fund, which in turn becomes the lifetime owner of the fund, of the company.
This transmission helps to protect the Company as it will never again be subject to succession, buyouts, or covetousness.

The fund is composed of a Board of Directors and a Management Committee, the former having full decision-making and management power over the group, after analyzing the reports and suggestions brought by the latter.
The aim is to maintain a solid core of leaders from within the ranks for a perfect understanding of the environment and activities while relying on external personalities from different professional backgrounds and experiences.

COMEX has been pioneering since its origins, and remains so in this new form of shareholding.


My energy is entirely devoted to the sustainability of COMEX. Everything that has been set up, the structuring of the company, the reorientation of activities, the strategy, the investments, the new products, the appointments, the recruitments, all of this only makes sense in the totality of the project: living in good conditions, both human and financial, for many decades! Each Comex man and Comex woman works for themselves through the collective that is COMEX.

Alexandra Oppenheim Delauze

Chairwoman, COMEX


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