Containerized Hyperbaric Chamber Rental Service






26 Sep, 2023



Containerized Hyperbaric Chamber Rental Service

Sep 26, 2023

The benefits of renting containerized hyperbaric chambers: mobility, flexibility, safety, and performance for all your projects!

COMEX offers a containerized hyperbaric chamber rental service among its range of products and services. These equipments offer great versatility, as they can be transported by land, sea, and air. Thanks to our flexible rental solutions, you can benefit from hyperbaric facilities without investing in permanent installations. In addition, we provide you with a medical hotline service available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, guaranteeing you continuous assistance.

The flexibility of the containerized structure:

Due to their containerized design, our hyperbaric chambers offer great flexibility in use. They can be moved quickly and efficiently over long distances, whether on a truck for land-based projects, or using maritime means for sea projects, or by air for special missions. This mobility allows to meet all your needs, regardless of their location.

It is a standalone equipment, with its own air production as well as its therapeutic fluid gases. This autonomy ensures great independence and additional adaptability during the use of the hyperbaric chamber.

For a perfect handling by your teams, we provide training on the use of the equipment. If necessary, we can also dispatch a qualified operator to assist you. Thus, you will benefit from complete and personalized support for optimal use of our hyperbaric chambers, safely and efficiently. Whether you need a turnkey solution or prefer to manage the operation yourself, our rental service will be able to offer you a formula adapted to your requirements.

Equipment description

Each chamber, with a diameter of 1600 mm or 1500 mm, is equipped with 700 mm diameter chamber access doors supporting a working pressure of 4 bars. These therapeutic hyperbaric chambers allow for the simultaneous treatment of several patients, offering a capacity to accommodate 4 seated patients or 2 lying patients per unit..

They are delivered with their air production and the distribution of therapeutic fluids, according to the needs. The plurality of these equipments guarantees great flexibility and reliability, thus ensuring optimal patient care.

The chamber is composed of:

  • 1 spacious main chamber equipped with breathing stations
  • 1 transfer airlock equipped with a breathing station
  • 1 medication airlock
  • 2 hyperbaric fire extinguishers
  • 1 control console equipped with communication system, pressure gauges, and gas analyzers

The container features:

  • 1 hard plan for stretcher transport of an injured person
  • Therapeutic fluids distribution
  • Air production including the HP/LP compressor, compressed air storage, and distribution network

Therapeutic gas bottles are provided according to needs

The plurality of the equipment guarantees our clients autonomy and great flexibility, ensuring optimal use.

Varied applications of rented containerized hyperbaric chambers in various environments

Contribution to the Grand Paris tunnel construction site

Our containerized hyperbaric chambers were used in the context of the Grand Paris project, a construction site involving many tunnel boring machines.
In this context, the projectable chambers made it possible to bring an essential safety element to the hyperbaric operations as close as possible to the tunnel excavation sites.

Use in marine environments

These chambers can also be adapted for specific missions in marine environments. They serve as emergency recompression chambers. Simple, safe, and efficient to use, the container and its chamber can be easily embarked and autonomous, guaranteeing divers safety right at their diving site.

Continuity of medical care

In periods of maintenance or temporary interruption of a hospital center’s operation, it is essential to guarantee the continuity of medical care. In this context, our containerized chambers serve as a reliable and efficient solution.
They can be delivered according to needs, either with their air production and the distribution of therapeutic fluids, or connected to the facility’s network. They are equipped to accommodate up to four seated patients or two lying patients and have a range of accessories for various therapeutic needs, thus ensuring appropriate care for various situations.

A 24/7 medical hotline service

COMEX offers its clients, in addition to the rental of its chambers, a hyperbaric medical advisory service available 24/7. Conducted by doctors specialized in hyperbaric medicine, this remote service helps your teams to quickly undertake the right courses of action.
These doctors are perfectly familiar with, and have validated, our chambers. They conduct training on emergency handling in chambers before your missions. Finally, their hotline can be contacted at any time, allowing you to make the right decisions.


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