Robotic testing in a pool






3 Jul, 2023



Robotic testing in a pool

Jul 3, 2023

COMEX offers a specialized service in robotic testing in a pool. This type of testing is essential for the development and advancement of underwater technologies. One of our clients, IVM Technologies, shares their experience in this interview and highlights the specificities of their activity. Our test pool significantly contributes to the improvement of robotic testing by ensuring the safety of operations before deployment in open waters.

Robotic testing in a pool : Client testimonial, IVM Technologies

IVM Technologies is a company specialized in providing 3D modeling solutions for underwater infrastructure inspection. Their activity focuses on the development, testing, calibration, and training related to equipment used for underwater inspection. They employ techniques such as photogrammetry and calibration to optimize their inspection processes. As part of their operations, they need to deploy their equipment in water, and this is where COMEX’s test pool comes into play, offering advantages and opportunities to carry out their robotic tests efficiently and securely.

  • Can you explain the specificity of your activity ?

    IVM Technologies offers 3D modeling solutions that optimize the inspection of various underwater infrastructures. Throughout the different phases of development, testing, calibration, and training, we need to deploy our equipment in water.

  • How does our test pool contribute to the advancement of your robotic tests, particularly the main advantages you have observed in using our pool for your tests ?

    COMEX’s test pool has evident advantages. Its surface area, depth, as well as the surrounding facilities like an overhead crane and equipped containers for working in a sheltered environment, facilitate the installation and execution of tests.

    On a more personal note, we also greatly appreciate the setting of this test pool located at the gates of the Calanques National Park.

  • In comparison to other similar facilities, what distinguishes our test pool and makes it particularly suited to your needs, especially what challenges or issues were you facing before using our test pool, and how have they been resolved since you started using it ?

    Performing underwater operations can quickly become complex and costly. The daily cost of a vessel and the difficulty of accessing equipment once at sea make it preferable, whenever possible, to use a test pool.

    COMEX’s test pool helps contain the costs of a testing campaign and provides greater flexibility in handling unforeseen circumstances, not to mention the safety of personnel and equipment at this 24/7 monitored site. This infrastructure remains exceptional and holds a key geographical position within the blue economy landscape in the PACA region.

  • What advice would you give to other companies or researchers considering using our test pool for their own robotic tests ? 

    One must visit the site to realize the possibilities!

Thank you to IVM Technologies for taking the time to answer our questions.

Main advantages of the COMEX test pool

In conclusion, through this testimonial, the advantages of our test pool for underwater robotic testing are manifold. Its spacious surface area, ideal depth, and well-equipped surrounding facilities have greatly facilitated the installation and execution of tests. Our test pool stands out for its ability to contain costs, provide increased flexibility, and ensure the safety of personnel and equipment. As a company or researcher considering using our tank for your own robotic tests, we strongly encourage you to visit the site yourself to witness the possibilities and advantages it offers. We are confident that our test pool will be a wise choice for successfully conducting your experiments and contributing to the advancement of underwater technologies.


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