Decennial Maintenance of Hyperbaric Facilities (R120)






11 Apr, 2023



Decennial Maintenance of Hyperbaric Facilities (R120)

Apr 11, 2023

COMEX specializes in the design and implementation of maintenance plans for hyperbaric facilities in compliance with the European Pressure Equipment Directive (DESP). Customized based on the specific needs and conditions of each client, our goal is to provide management and maintenance services tailored to each context. Our aim is to ensure the best value for money, reliability, constant availability, and the safety of our devices while also preserving environmental protection.

The European Pressure Equipment Directive (DESP) sets the requirements for pressure equipment to ensure their circulation within the European Economic Area.

Operational Maintenance of Hyperbaric Chambers (MCO)

Since 2009, COMEX has been responsible for the operational maintenance of hyperbaric chambers for the French Navy. This includes approximately 32 chambers distributed across naval bases in France. After the requalification of the CHM500 at the Toulon naval base, which took place from September 2020 to July 2021, it was the turn of all the “CML*” type chambers installed on various Navy vessels, also known as “units.” There are 25 of these chambers. These requalifications, governed by the latest applicable decree (Decree of November 20, 2017), allow our teams to work on all chambers equipping the vessels to perform a complete installation check-up, all with the aim of ensuring another 10 years of operation..

*CML: Lightweight Multiplace Chamber

Procedure of an R120

    • Establishing an assessment of the chamber upon arrival at the COMEX workshop, documented in the reception report
    • Conducting rapid functionality tests to verify the initial supply of the chamber
    • Performing a complete disassembly of the chamber
    • Conducting an inspection of the chamber by SGS
    • Performing a hydraulic test at 1.5 times the working pressure using a booster, always under the supervision of SGS (a new valve is installed)
    • Drying the chamber
    • Reassembling all elements of the chamber
    • Conducting pressure tests on the chamber. Pressure tests are typically finalized with a dive conducted by a French Navy diver and a COMEX operator*
    • Drafting the maintenance report

Particularity of an R120 requalification

In the case of R120 conducted at the COMEX workshop, our diving teams are made available to perform the dive at 10m.

The particularity of an R120 requalification is that it includes a hydraulic test at 1.5 times the working pressure (Ps). In this case, with a working pressure of 5.2 bars, the test is conducted at a pressure of 7.8 bars.

An R120 immobilizes the chamber for approximately 3 weeks and also provides an opportunity to make modifications and improvements that have been identified during their use over the previous ten years.

For each improvement proposal, COMEX prepares a study file that needs to be validated by the French Navy, after which the service is commissioned by them.

Through many types of services, COMEX has been supporting the

and international armed forces for over 50 years.

We are committed to providing high-quality services in compliance with the strictest standards of safety and reliability, all with great responsiveness. Our partnership with the French Navy is based on mutual trust and close collaboration, which has lasted for nearly 15 years.


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