Supply of a Cx1800 Projectable Decompression Chamber to the Armada Argentina (Argentine Navy)






7 Jun, 2021



Jun 7, 2021 | News

OPV – Offshore Patrol Vessel


COMEX has produced a containerized decompression chamber to the Armada Argentina. It is intended to equip an Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) that will be delivered by the French Company NAVAL GROUP


The selected hyperbaric chamber is a new generation model. Its design benefits from a unique experience, acquired both in the underwater industrial sector and in the Medical environment (Hospital and University).

For this new generation, the data crossing of the needs expressed both by the end-users and by the operators has allowed us to meet their expectations, to anticipate their demand and to propose a product perfectly adapted to their very needs.

This projectable containerized unit is a complete set ready for use. It bears the CE marking for pressure equipment (European Directive) 2014/68/EU.



KERSHIP is a joint venture company created in 2013 by PIRIOU and NAVAL GROUP, two experts in engineering and shipbuilding as well as in military systems and services.
This alliance is based on the complementarity of their experience and know-how:
PIRIOU, 50 years of experience in civilian shipbuilding.
NAVAL GROUP (formerly DCNS), a world leader in naval defence.
KERSHIP offers ships up to 95 meters long to fulfil all the needs of a State at sea : Navy, Coastguards, Customs, Safety at sea, Scientific Agencies…
Thanks to the expertise of its holding companies, KERSHIP accompanies the administrations and Navy forces throughout the life of their ships, from manufacturing to delivery, but also from after-sales services to maintenance in operational conditions (MCO).



A global pioneer in the development of technologies for human and robotic intervention in extreme environments.
COMEX, through its in-house Engineering Team, has been designing, manufacturing and marketing hyperbaric oxygen therapy facilities since 1974. More than 200 facilities have been installed for public or private customers in France and around the world. The Services department is responsible for the maintenance, the periodical control and the modernization of the facilities.

CX1800 hyperbaric chamber

Product of the Cx2 «new generation» range

which integrates the latest technologies in pilotage. The hyperbaric system includes:
    • A decompression chamber, a control system, a compressed air production, storage and distribution Unit, a therapeutic fluids distribution Unit, all enclosed inside a 20 foot equipped cell.
    • The decompression chamber consists in the main chamber which accommodates up to 2 sitting patients and 1 supine patient, and the air entrance lock for 1 seating attendant.
    • Stainless steel fittings and storage with a modern and long-lasting design with surfaces designed for quick and easy daily decontamination,
    • LED based ambient lighting systems,
    • Anti-slip decontaminable, surgery room type floor covering
    • Reliability of industrial quality equipment,
    • The performance and the possibility of evolution of the control system using an industrial architecture with a programmable industrial automat and a supervision system,
    • The ergonomics and ease of use of the HMI with automatic management of healing decompression profiles, recording and real-time display of all parameters, with management of all failsafe systems,
    • Support and assistance in physiology/hyperbaric medicine,
    • The pressure hull is equipped with sound attenuation compression, ventilation and decompression feedthroughs and valves,
    • Large windows in DN 200mm ensure a perfect vision of the interior of the compartments and contribute to the general brightness,
    • In the lower part of the chamber, a technical hatch serves as an interface for the circuits of all medical devices (scope, hyperbaric respirator, syringe pusher, etc.),
    • The chamber is mounted on a support frame evenly distributing the load,
    • The control equipment is centralised on a console panel mounted directly on the chamber wall,
    • This control panel also includes a programmable automat that ensures the display and the traceability of the control parameters. It also increase the safety of the installation by means of the control of all the instrumented data,
    • The «mini-automat» architecture with touch screen meets the requirements of durability and operational safety,
    • The control system includes an industrial programmable automat and a touch screen of at least 10’’ and a supervision system that manages functionalities.

Organization of the project

In its capacity as Project Manager, Comex ensures the relations with the Project Owner and the management of the project as well as the coordination of actions with its subcontractors. The project will be led by a team that will bring its expertise and experience in hyperbaric systems and facilities, both from a technical and a physiological point of view.

The men, their skills, their missions

The project will be led by the following multidisciplinary team:
A Project Manager:
Its role is to ensure the conduct of the project in compliance with administrative, financial and timely objectives. He participates directly in the technical documentation and in the choice of the design. He coordinates the different activities required to carry out the project according to the stage of progress by identifying possible hard points and their impact on the objectives of the project.
A Quality Assurance Manager (QAR):
He is in charge of monitoring the quality of the project. It adapts and/or establishes the quality assurance procedures specific to this project and ensures internal audits.
The Engineering team:
Based at Comex facilities, It is responsible for the studies and the preparation of the documents necessary for the implementation of the project. It works at preparing workshop logistics and ensures the supply and follow-through of the necessary materials for the project.

Training in the use of the hyperbaric chamber


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