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Dec 21, 2020 | News


COMEX SA is pleased to have won the new public contract from the French Ministry of the Armed Forces for the MCO* recompression chambers. (* Maintenance in operational condition of the recompression chambers of the French Navy and Army).


COMEX SA is pleased to have won the new public contract from the French Ministry of the Armed Forces for the Maintenance in operational condition of the recompression chambers of the French Navy and Army.

Our team is in charge of maintenance for :

  • 31 hyperbaric chambers embarked on ship / container / ashore
  • 1 diving simulator chamber 500 m
  • 1 recompression chamber for the Army

For the maintenance of the French Navy’s hyperbaric chambers, the long-standing and fruitful partnership that links us began in 2009. Our team was already in charge for maintaining in operational conditions the 30 hyperbaric installations on its naval bases ashore or on board its buildings and ships.

The new contract, notified by the fleet support department, started in March 2020 and ends in March 2025. It gives COMEX the opportunity to work on all the hypobaric chambers arming the French Navy’s ships, including at the Brest, Cherbourg, Toulon, Saint Mandrier and Roscanvel naval bases, in order to carry out the regulatory inspections governed by the latest decree in force (Order of November 20, 2017).

The whole team is very pleased for this confidence renewal and for the work carried out for more than 10 years.

Our maintenance actions must guarantee the operational availability of all the hyberbaric chambers, including the maintenance of the 500-meter diving simulator in Toulon, usually called “CHM500”. Our technicians also remain mobilized to take action in case of damage so that the slightest breakdown can be repaired in less than 5 days, regardless of the location of the chamber concerned.

In addition, one of our missions will be to carry out the 10-year regulatory requalification of the 500m diving simulator; a guarantee of confidence since COMEX was already responsible for it 10 years ago.
The CHM500 center also wishes to modernize its equipment and trusts COMEX to provide innovative solutions that are adapted to their needs as well as to the particular conditions in which they operate.

A great proof of confidence for the COMEX teams specialized in hyperbaric technologies!



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