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8 Sep, 2020



Sep 8, 2020 | News

Located north of Nantes, Merré Shipyards are recognized as a multi-specialist in shipbuilding.
With the construction of eight military ships, 26.50-metre cruisers for French Navy’s mine clearance divers, Merré shipyards have been awarded their largest order ever.

DGA (French MOD) have selected this specialist in custom-made coastal ships to build a series of dive support vessels, a contract worth tens of millions of euros.

COMEX will be partner in this project and will equip the eight DSVs with their latest generation hyperbaric chamber units.

The eight aluminium Dive Support Vessels (VSP) will be assigned to support Navy mine clearance divers or commandos operations at sea.

Construction of the first vessel is scheduled to begin during the second semester of 2020, with tests at sea starting one year later.
Following a three-month operational evaluation of this first Vessel by the Toulon based Navy Mine Clearance Diver Unit, Merré Shipyards will carry on with the manufacturing of the seven remaining units, all of which to be delivered by 2025.

The 8 diesel-electric hybrid vessels will be dispatched to support the groups of clearance divers at the Naval Bases of Toulon, Brest and Cherbourg, as well as the Navy diving school of Saint-Mandrier.

Comex Engineering Department is responsible for the design and the manufacturing of the hyperbaric chamber units at their factory as well as for the installation and the commissioning on board the VSPs.

Comex Services Department will provide end user personnel hands-on training for the operations and maintenance of the dive support equipment.


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