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24 Jul, 2020



Jul 24, 2020



The alliance with COMEX gives rise to a new structure immediately operational : “SAAS OFFSHORE”. Granted with broad skills, significant resources and a strengthened fleet, it offers as of now expertise and action capabilities on and under the sea, in line with the requirements of blue economy stakeholders, on the entire Atlantic and Channel coasts, in the Mediterranean and worldwide.


With this operation, SHIP AS A SERVICE®, well established in the sector of marine and subsea expertise missions, broadens its fields of action while developing its range of services. The company is now able to propose technical, economical and effective solutions for all types of operations at sea, supported by a highly experienced team using operational means, with a (sea)proven track record.

With the creation of SAAS OFFSHORE, the company based in Lorient (French Brittany) carries on with its quest for innovation over the big blue sea. Its Clients will be able to operate further, longer, deeper… and above all, faster at sea.

The outlooks of SAAS OFFSHORE are promising : not only is it granted with high-performance resources, but the whole COMEX MARINE team (engineers, technicians, surveyors, sailors and ROV pilots) has joined the new structure. Thanks to this reinforcement, the company will be able to carry out, independently, even more wreck search campaigns, subsea structures surveys, seabed mapping, deployment, inspection and maintenance of oceanographic sensors, sea trials support, UXO surveys, harbours and offshore structures inspections, etc.

The new structure builds on what has made COMEX MARINE and SHIP AS A SERVICE® so successful, i.e. offering missions and turnkey solutions designed and carried out by a single contractor with a strong operational culture, more results-driven than “vessel chartering”.


SHIP AS A SERVICE® technical means available for its Clients :

– JANUS2 et MINIBEX, 2 offshore vessels with dynamic positioning, fitted for survey campaigns and sea trials support.
– 7 multipurpose and fast coastal workboats.
– 7 ROVs able to dive up to 2700m.
– Aerial drones.
– A range of instruments including several sonars, magnetometer, acoustic cameras, subsea positioning (USBL) and tracking devices, sampling tools, sensors, echo-sounders.
– Commercial diving equipment.
– Capacities and skills to coordinate operations with maritime works companies.
– 2 design offices in Lorient and Marseille.
– 2 logistic bases in Lorient and Marseille.




Created at the end of 2016, SHIP AS A SERVICE® (a trademark of SerEnMar SAS) deploys a new way of operating at sea, based on the design and implementation of turnkey maritime operations, around the major challenges of the blue economy: marine environment survey, MRE deployment, R&D and sea trials. SHIP AS A SERVICE® operates for a variety of clients: Marine energy IPP – Defence companies – Port infrastructure managers – Shipyards – Navies – Government agencies – Design offices – Research organizations – Laboratories – Testing centres – State agencies…
SHIP AS A SERVICE® is supported by the Région Bretagne, is member of the Cluster Maritime Français, of Pole Mer Bretagne Atlantique, of Bretagne Pôle Naval, of Interprofession du Port, of Agence Francophone d’Hydrographie


About COMEX :

Founded in 1961 by Henri Germain Delauze (1929-2012), COMEX has become the world’s leading company for subsea engineering and technology as well as manned and robot intervention. Together with the development of offshore activities, COMEX carries out its own research programs on the various breathing gases used in deep diving. This research has led to spectacular breakthroughs in this field, including several world records. Today, COMEX is operating in the design, manufacture and maintenance of hyperbaric oxygen chambers as well as in scientific research, robotics, medical engineering and space engineering.
After more than 50 years, the same passion is driving everyone in this remarkable industrial and technological history more than ever focused on the design, development and operation of innovative and high-performance systems intended for manned and robot interventions in extreme environments whether on land, at sea or in space.


Contact :           Geoffroy LUCAS – +33 (0)2 970 634 47 –


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