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Nov 14, 2018

Comex designs, manufactures and integrates hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers for hyperbaric medicine for more than 40 years. She accompanies her clients in an ongoing process for the development of their facilities

Our hyperbaric oxygen therapy facilities are present in a large number of public and private medical units around the world.

Hyperbaric medicine today


Hyperbaric medicine, also known as hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), involves administering oxygen to a patient at a pressure above atmospheric pressure.


Treatments of different pathologies

This medicine allows the treatment of many urgent or chronic pathologies.
The treated patients are installed in a hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber and are brought to an air pressure equivalent to 1.5 bar (2.5 ATA).
Each patient will be administered pure oxygen following a protocol predefined by the Hyperbaric doctor.
All the following pathologies can be treated: (Non-exhaustive list)

. Decompression sickness (diving accident)
. Carbon monoxide poisoning
. Sudden deafness
. Gas embolism
. Necrotizing soft tissue infection
. Chronic refractory osteomyelitis
. Extended burns
. Radiation-induced lesions
. Ulcers or ischemic gangrenes
. Etc…


Therapeutic effects of hyperbaric medicine

HBO restores sufficient oxygen pressures in ischemic tissue, limits edema, protects against reperfusion aggression and facilitates healing
It increases the bactericidal power of polynuclear, potentiates certain antibiotics and acts directly on bacteria. The increase in pressure also makes it possible to fragment the intravascular gas sleeves in case of arterial gas embolism. This therapy increases the oxygen supply to damaged tissue and speeds up the healing process.


New leads for hyperbaric medicine

L’hyperbaric oxygen therapy promises, through scientific studies, a great potential to improve the condition of people suffering from stroke (Cerebral vascular accident) by waking up the brain with oxygen. It is also studied for Alzheimer’s disease and in the test phase in fibromyalgia.

The Hyperbaric Center at Sainte Marguerite Hospital in Marseille

Privileged partner for many years the hyperbaric medicine service of AP-HM and Comex have long been used to working together. This collaboration, reinforced by geographical proximity, makes it possible to form a high-quality medical-technical platform for biomedical research and development in the field of extreme environments.

In 2004, the AP-HM set up a hyperbaric center at the Sainte Marguerite de Marseille hospital. Designed and installed by our company, we also provide maintenance.

The hyperbaric center is currently headed by Dr. Mathieu COULANGE, Head of the Department of Hyperbaric, Underwater and Marine Medicine.


The Hyperbaric Center has three rooms multiplaces :

1) A “Chronic” room for chronic outpatient treatment. (8 seats).

2) A room “REA” which is an emergency room of resuscitation (2 elongated places). It also makes it possible to carry out, among other things, vascular explorations in pressure such as transcutaneous pressure and Doppler laser flow..

3) A “HYPO / HYPER” chamber that allows hyperbaric and hypobaric functioning.

– Chronic hyperbaric treatments (2 elongated places or 3 seated places).

– Pathophysiological studies in hypobaria.

The structure also includes consultation rooms that allow medical visits of no contraindication to recreational diving and medical aptitude for interventions in hyperbaric environments for professionals.

To know: The center of hyperbaric medicine of the APHM is currently the only one in France to have a hypobaric chamber which allows, among other things, to carry out studies at flight crews of aeronautics.

More generally, the APHM wants to be a center of excellence in research and teaching in the field of medicine applied to extreme environments. This is true for the maritime domain but also for the aeronautical field.

A constant modernization of the hyperbaric center


After the replacement of the computer system by the last generation, the COMEX teams have again intervened to modernize the hyperbaric center in 2017.

Indeed, the teams of our Services Department have installed on the 3 chambers of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, a new adapted lighting system much more efficient and economical (LED technology) which has significantly improved the comfort of patients and staff caregiver.

« Since our partnership with Comex, we have taken the option of modernizing our Hyperbaric and Hypobaric chamber. In 2017 we replaced our less efficient halogen lighting with LEDs, which is much more pleasant with the possibility to switch from a white light to a blue light that has the property to soothe patients and allow them to rest which is very pleasant for them during daily oxygen therapy sessions. It is also a comfort for the nursing staff during the care »

Roland Blanc

Biomedical Technical Manager, Hyperbaric Center, CHU Sainte Margueritte (AP-HM)


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