The COMEX Hypobaric Test Center has just been equipped with a new flight simulator

Jul 3, 2018 | Non classé

La Comex installe un simulateur de vols dans son caisson hypobare

In its continued desire to strengthen its partnership with the aeronautics and space industrial sector, COMEX has equipped its Hypobaric Test Center with a flight simulator capable of reproducing aeronautic and spatial flights.

In the altitude simulator, a habitable hypobaric chamber of 20M2 it is possible to reproduce any altitude down to a complete vacuum. This simulator will permit tests on humans at different altitudes, such as, for example, the awareness of hypoxic risks for pilots and students while flying, but also for tests on equipment, mask, combinations, helmet, etc.…

The close collaboration between the services will allow the Space Department to test a simulation of controlling a lunar or Martian rover soon.

Hyperbaric and Hypobaric Test Center of COMEX. Engineering and Services department

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