Deployable compression chamber: COMEX equips the Algerian State

In the framework of an earlier contract with the Algerian General Directorate of Civil Protection, two deployable new-generation compression chambers are now in operation.

In the framework of an earlier contract with the Algerian General Directorate of Civil Protection, two deployable new-generation compression chambers are now in operation.

The contract closed with the training of 10 people from the General Directorate of Civil Protection (DGPC). In November 2017, technical experts of the COMEX Engineering and Services Department trained the user staff for level 1 maintenance (according to the standard NF X 60-010) and in the use of deployable emergency compression chambers CX 1800 320.

The two new-generation two-place re-compression chambers, respectively installed in Algiers and Oran, are ready to deliver hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy treatments for all the Algerian territory. In effect, the model of mobile compression chambers was selected to meet the need of the General Directorate of the Civil Protection to use this decompression system for various operations across the country. The containerized structure offers the advantage of moving the equipment by land (by truck) as well as by sea or air.


Each hyperbaric chamber is composed of a treatment chamber which can accommodate 2 patients sitting and 1 patient lying down, and an equipped airlock with 2 seats. The equipment, in accordance with the European Directive of Pressure Equipment, is equipped with the latest COMEX technologies for control and design: sessions controlled by an automatic system, support with multiple user modes, LED lighting, innovative communication system. On the other hand, the maintenance staff benefits from facilities and coatings that optimize the decontamination.

The end user can also depend on the COMEX Services Department to carry out maintenance on its complex equipment and to provide assistance for its use.
Pioneer since 1961 in hyperbaric systems, COMEX has installed hundreds of installations around the world and reinforces its ties with the Maghreb.

Management team: Alexandra Oppenheim Delauze (CEO) and Alexandre Oskian (Director of Engineering and Services Departments), the various professions involved in the project: Commercial and technical management, mechanical engineers, fluids experts and technical support, design manager, hyperbaric technicians.

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