The hyperbaric chamber of the CHU of reunion in full light






12 Dec, 2016



The hyperbaric chamber of the CHU of reunion in full light

Dec 12, 2016News

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• Modernised by the collaboration of the teams of the Engineering Department and the Services Department of the COMEX, the hyperbaric chamber of the University Hospital of Saint-Pierre, on Reunion Island, received this year a new lighting system, in as part of an operation to replace the vision Windows, which have reached the limit of validity. Developed for our new range of hyperbaric oxygen therapy facilities Cx2, this system has the advantage of significantly reducing the electrical consumption associated with the Chamber lighting and the enclosure’s Airlock, significantly reducing the costs of maintenance of the installation by making the 10-year replacement of the lighting Windows useless and greatly improving the luminous comfort inside the box.

The Sud reunion hospital group is equipped with a hyperbaric chamber since 1982. But it was in 1997, that a real hyperbaric care unit comprising dedicated premises, a hyperbar Chamber and staff was created within the Hospital of Saint Peter. This hyperbaric oxygen therapy unit is integrated into the emergency/SMUR/UHCD service. Initially under the responsibility of Dr Jan Dick HARMS, she is now led by Dr Cyril D’Andrea. The activity is supported with approximately 2600 sessions equivalent to one-seater/year. The service deals with various pathologies such as delayed healing, sudden overhearing and diving accidents… An important nursing activity (dressings) has been developed with more than 700 dressings made per year. The service has also developed a counselling activity on wounds and scarring, treatment of wounds by negative pressure and measurements of trans-cutaneous oxygen pressures. The recruitment of this unit is regional, a 24-hour permanence is ensured for emergencies.



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